Nick Rout


I'm an Android Developer and occasional UX/UI designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I currently work at Over. I am passionate about the intersection between code and (Material) design, and enjoy creating experimental Android projects in my spare time. I also enjoy hosting Google-related events that benefit the community and do so by organizing Google Developer Group (GDG) Cape Town.


I am currently employed at Over and form part of a small team tasked with building the Android version of their highly succesful iOS app. Over is best described as "Photoshop for your phone", allowing one to layer images, text, drawings, effects and more to create any kind of image content imaginable.
I developed the Luno Android app as my full-time job from March 2016 to December 2017. Luno is a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet and exchange service currently operating in South Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Nigeria. Their goal is to "make money frictionless" by providing the best UX for buying, selling, storing, sending and receiving cryptocurrency. To the moon!
Lens Launcher
I developed Lens Launcher as an entry to the Google IO 2016 Experiments Challenge. I was a runner-up winner and the app is now featured on Android Experiments. Lens Launcher is a home screen replacement app that uses an equi-spaced grid and a fisheye lens to provide a unique, novel way to browse and launch your apps. The app has seen great popularity, with over 1 million downloads and many active users.
I developed ShortStories as an entry to the Google IO 2017 Experiments Challenge. I was a runner-up winner and the app is now featured on Android Experiments. ShortStories provides a platform to play text-based games using the various elements of the Android System UI (Notifications, App Shortcuts and Dialogs). The app was inspired by CYOA books and other forms of interactive fiction.

Education & skills

I obtained a BSc in Computer Science (co-majoring in Computer Engineering) from the University of Cape Town in 2015. I am currently persuing an Android Associate Developer Certification. I code in Kotlin/Java on a daily basis and strive to keep up to date with latest Android libraries and best practices. I have additional experience with Python, HTML/CSS/JS and Go. I am also proficient with design tools such as Sketch.